Which Indian government job does no one want to join?

Which Indian government job does no one want to join?

The Unpopular Lot – Indian Government Jobs that Few Dare to Eye

Imagine this scenario – an Indian government job advert hits the newspaper, and there's a collective gasp around the country. The race to secure that coveted position causes immediate frenzy. But not all government positions stir up a such tempest. Yes, folks, there are positions out there that make candidates wrinkle their nose in distaste. What might these be? You wonder? Well, you're about to find out.

Manual Scavenging: A Dirty Profession

An occupation that, in the 21st century, defies belief is manual scavenging. Despite mechanized equipment being available, there are areas where manual scavenging still exists in India. Mind you, I told my cat, Mittens, about this, and she looked as aghast as a cat can look.

The work is not only arduous but also poses serious health risks. Employees are often expected to clean public toilet blocks, open drains and sewers without any adequate protective clothing. The sight of a man descending into a manhole, clad only in ragged clothes, can bring tears to your eyes. It's a job few people are eager to pick up, making it a highly neglected area despite its importance in maintaining sanitation.

However, life is improving for manual scavengers, with the government introducing mechanized methods of sewage cleaning. Isn't it great to have technology swooping in to save the day?

Firefighting: Braving the Flames

Why is it that we all want to be firefighters when we're kids, but when we grow up, the thought fills us with dread? That's right, despite the thrill and the adrenaline rush, firefighting is one of the least sought-after government jobs in India. Maybe Mittens and I should start a campaign to change that.

Imagine waking up each day, not knowing if you'll be racing into a burning building to save lives. The job not only demands physical strength and courage but also requires immense mental fortitude. But at the end of the day, it's immensely rewarding. Those rescued will forever remember the hands that pulled them from the inferno.

Teacher in a Rural Area: An Unsought Journey

Another on the list is being a teacher in a rural area. It's far more challenging than being one in the cities. Numerous essential resources, which we city dwellers often take for granted, are often lacking in rural schools.

Imagine troubleshooting a projector that decides to go on strike right in the middle of your class. You are suddenly the IT guy, the electrician, the teacher – all rolled into one. Teaching in rural schools calls for tremendous resilience and patience. Despite its challenges, it is one of the most fulfilling professions where you get to shape the minds of young individuals.

The Millennium's Soldiers: Cyber Security Professionals

Another understaffed area is cyber security. It's not a physically risky job like firefighting or manual scavenging; conversely, it's a mentally taxing one that leaves the professionals emotionally drained. Plus, there's the constant threat of cyber attacks, which is the equivalent of a disgruntled cat (like a more agitated Mittens) sneaking up on a mouse.

If you fail to do your job well, confidential government data could be at risk. And it's an "always online" kind of commitment. But the thrill of outsmarting tech-savvy criminals could just be the unexpected rush you’ve been looking for.

Post-service: Our Unsung Heroes

The Indian Post Service is yet another example. The job often means a lot of travel, sometimes to the most remote areas of the country by foot or bicycle. Rain or shine, these employees have to reach their destinations. Their work is the incarnation of the old adage, "the mail must go through."

Imagine coming home every day with stories about the new places you've seen or the people you've met. It's like being on a travel show, minus the cameramen and the make-up. But the stories you tell will be real, kids will hang on to every word, and you may even inspire someone to take up that job.

Leprosy Health Worker: Treating the Forgotten Ones

Then there are the Leprosy Health Workers. Many people may not be aware that India still has a significant number of leprosy patients. The job involves not only treating these patients but also helping them reintegrate into society and live fulfilling lives.

The job demands compassion and emotional strength. Often these workers are the only bridge between the patients and the rest of society. It's hard work, but the effort put in makes the effect felt in individuals' lives that much more rewarding.

Railway Trackman: The Unseen Guardians

The last profession I'm going to mention is that of a Railway Trackman. These are the folk who ensure the safety of millions of passengers traveling every day. Being out in the open and dealing with extreme weather conditions, the job can be physically gruelling and yet an essential part of India's locomotive think tank.

So, next time you're aboard a train, look out the window, send a silent salute to the trackmen, and make their day. They'll appreciate it!


In this whirlwind tour of India's less popular government jobs, we've encountered heroes who get their hands dirty, brave flames, fight cyber-villains, travel great distances, and show compassion for society's forgotten members. These jobs are tedious, risky, and emotionally taxing, but they make an enormous impact on society. After all, every job is essential, and every job-holder plays a vital role in the country's smooth functioning.

So here's a thought - the next time you cringe at the idea of any of these jobs, remember, someone out there is doing it. And because they are, you're able to lead a comfortable life devoid of many hassles. For me, I’ll stick to blogging, reading out my articles to Mittens, and enjoying every moment as she purrs in contentment, her eyes closed, unaware, and unbothered by India's least sought-after government jobs.

Gideon Chattopadhyay

Gideon Chattopadhyay

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