Content Writing Opportunity for B.A. Graduates

By | March 30, 2015

Content Writing Opportunity for B.A. Graduates


  • Create, develop and manage high quality creative content for organizations web presence such as website, blog and other social media, on-line articles, mobile app content etc.

    Coordinate content from other content writers and freelancers.

    Prepare an overall strategy for content as per discussions with sales, marketing and product team

    Prepare a detailed plan for the month and quarter to meet the content strategy finalized

    Oversee freelancers, including writers, copy-editors and community outreach organizers.

    Allocate work to content writers (in house as well as freelance).

    Ensure checks so as to facilitate timely deliveries from all writers.

    Track and report on all site metrics.

    Work cooperatively with key team members, clients and vendors.
    Writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading text

    Making sure that content style is adhered to writing headlines, picture captions and story summaries, editing reports and press releases, liaising with writers
    Verifying information and story details

    Ensuring that stories are the right length and correctly placed, making sure that stories are accurate

    Constantly strive to better the quality of content on the website

Name: Mohsin Shaikh
Email: and [email protected]
Contact no.: 9823290961


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